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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twelve Tiny Changes: Change #2

Walk 20 minutes today. Walk 20 minutes every day!

Don't feel like you have 20 spare minutes? Yes, you do.

Give up 20 minutes of Facebook and go walk. You can even call your Mom while you walk. Put in your earbuds and give her a call while you log your 20 minutes.

Students, I know it's a million degrees outside. It's nasty. It's humid. It's September, and it should be illegal to be this hot.

But guess what? Your student fees pay for a world-class rec center with a rubberized track upstairs. In air-conditioned bliss. And you don't have to worry about car exhaust, crossing the street, or collapsing in heat stroke. You can walk inside.

Here's why you should walk: it makes you happier! And who doesn't want to be happy? Your mama wants you to be happy. Go walk.

And still eat your breakfast every day.

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