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Friday, August 23, 2013

SNATS meeting: post ideas here

Folks, I was able to secure us $800 through a last-minute request through USGA. We need to figure out how to spend it and plan for next semester. Ideas for guests or activities? Times you'd like to meet? Post here. Thanks.

Lesson Times...confirmed!

Lessons begin Monday, August 26, on the first day of class. There are only 14 weeks in the semester now, so here's the deal: if you have not registered, I cannot teach you. If I do not have your schedule, I cannot book a time for you. If you do not have a lesson this week, I will not make it up and you will receive an F for the week.

This is the plan for the coming week, though as those who have not sent schedules yet may cause some necessary rescheduling. Keep your eyes on this blog several times a DAY until things settle down. Shane: You are the only one who has not submitted your availability yet. You know what to do.

Please note the odd beginning and ending times of lesson times: this is due to university class blocks. Be aware of the off-hour timing, and come on time (if not a bit early, if you wish to take advantage of constructive rest before singing).

Bring something prepared for your first lesson: this may be an aria for opera auditions, something I have assigned, or something you'd really like to work on that we can explore together.

If you wish to have a pianist during your first lesson, email Dr. Chris Steele at csteele50@gmail.com. He is our new, full-time staff accompanist. He may or may not be your pianist for the semester, but is available for everyone this first week. Give him the respect due him by giving him your music in advance.

11:15-12:05 Nole (Dr. Steele)
12:20-1:10 EVERYONE...required Convocation in HRH
1:25-2:15  Johnathan (Dr. Steele)

1-1:50 Jake (Dr. Steele)

11:15-12:05 Kelsey (Chris)
12:20-1:10 EVERYONE: required meeting in my office
2:30-3:20 Shane (Dr. Steele)
3:30-4:20 Valencia (Dr. Steele)

12:30-1 Coley (Dr. Steele)
1-1:50 EmKay (Dr. Steele)

11:30-12 Amanda (Dr. Steele)
12:20-1:10 EVERYONE, every week...performance class (this week is in my office: poetry day. Have a memorized poem to recite and we'll discuss as a group. This is your perf. class grade for the week.)


Friday, August 16, 2013

Dr. Kris Voice Studio Repertoire Assignments

These will be updated frequently: keep checking regularly. Check the library for your music first; order the music if you can second (ask me if you need help finding the correct edition); ask me to borrow it as a last resort. Time to both sharpen your research skills and increase your own personal libraries!

As always, if you don't like a piece I've assigned, let me know and we'll find something else. Come to your first lesson with something prepared.

Kelsey: Cavalli's "Delizie contente" and/or "Sento nel core" (both from Italian Arias book: there are many editions and keys available. Choose one that feels comfortable)

Amanda: Dowland's "If my complaints" or "Can she excuse" (I have good editions of these)

Shane: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Valencia: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Jake: SEMPLICE aria(s), Messiah arias

Johnathan: SEMPLICE aria(s)

EmKay: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Nole: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Final performance class

We will all meet together in HRH today. If Mr. Byrd or Dr. Mosteller is playing for you in lieu of Dr. Steele, be sure they have your music!...