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Thursday, August 30, 2012

SNATS DVD viewing

By popular demand, we'll watch THE AUDITION again during our SNATS time. We meet Wednesday, September 5 at 4:30 in the conference room. PIZZA provided!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

WIDOW schedule posted

Folks, the schedule for MERRY WIDOW is posted on the Google calendar...for this week. I will be able to schedule further out once I meet with our choreographer on Tuesday and once I see how quickly you can work. To see schedule details, scroll ALL the way down on this page until you see the Google calendar. Click on each event marked "opera rehearsal," then click "more details."

Please, please, please double check the page numbers in your score to be sure whether you are needed. If you are confused, DO NOT ask your friends to clarify: ASK ME! You may call, text, or email me if you are not sure if you're needed. If I've scheduled you during a time when you have class or another commitment you've told me you have, please do not fret...I'm not expecting you to skip a class. There are a few people who overlap there unavailable times, and we'll work around it.

Johnathan and Emily, please see me on Monday to get your score.

Everyone, please look at the music for a few minutes before coming into rehearsal. Preparation on your part before we meet makes for a quicker rehearsal and happier colleagues.

We're off to a great start! Friday's rehearsal was a lot of fun. You'll notice that this Friday is a shorter rehearsal for a variety of reasons...enjoy the extra time and have a safe Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Next SNATS meeting

Great first meeting, folks. Next week, we'll meet in the dance studio and do some yoga! Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to stretch, and a yoga mat or towel. If you're curious or nervous about doing yoga, just come and chill out and listen to my new age music and you'll find it's not so scary. Everything can be modified, and you can even just lie there and meditate if you want. We'll elect officers first, so please come even if you don't want to do yoga or meditate. Thanks!

MERRY WIDOW cast list


Cast List

Hannah Glawari
Mary Katherine Whatley
Danilo Danilowitsch
Jake Preston Hemminger
Shane Bloemetjie
Gregg Stuart
Valencienne, his wife
Valencia Callens*
Dominique Hector
St. Brioche
Gregory Payne
Nole Jones
Houston Giles
Olga, his wife
Caryanne Swindal
Reginald Melton
Sylvaine, his wife
Ariel Reid
Johnathan McNear
Praskowia, his wife
Ella Smitherman

(please note that folks with named roles sing chorus as well.)

Leah Eiland
Caryanne Swindal*
Corey Griffin
Johnathan McNear
Ariel Reid
Misha Vernon*
Reginald Melton
Gregory Payne
Michele McIver*
Kenya Thomas
Houston Giles
Dominique Hector
Cindy Spellman
Ella Smitherman*

Nole Jones
Emily McGrath*
Courtney Cooper*

*denotes will also sing roles of “Grisettes,” or dancing girls in Act 3

We will all meet tomorrow (Thursday) from 3:30-6:30 in the choir room for costume measurements and a sing-through / listen-through. You will receive your scores then. If you have class during any part of tomorrow, come when you can, as we’ll be solidifying schedule for the coming semester during that time.


Thank you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

MERRY WIDOW callbacks

EmKay, Jake, Shane, and Valencia: you already have your music for tomorrow. Nole Jones, Casey Roberts, and Greg Payne: please see me for some short excerpts to learn for tomorrow. EVERYONE ELSE: there is still time to audition! Roles are still open. Come to the choir room Tuesday at 3:30 to audition. See you then!

SNATS meeting today

First meeting is today at 4:30 in the conference room. We'll vote on officers , activities, etc. Spread the word! We have MONEY TO SPEND, so let's spend it!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Opera & Choir Picnic Cancelled

The storms look like they'll continue through tomorrow. Sorry to say our picnic is canceled...we'll try to reschedule after Labor Day.

More singers needed for WIDOW

Folks, we had some great auditions for MERRY WIDOW yesterday, but we still need more singers for the chorus, especially men! We'll hold additional auditions on Tuesday from 3:30-5:30 (Hulsey 308). This is a great opportunity to do a fun show, and very low-stress, low time commitment. Don't miss it!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dr. Kris Lesson Schedule

Lessons begin Monday! Have something learned and ready to work by your first lesson. If you wish to come five minutes early, I can teach you how to do constructive rest. Performance Class meets every Friday at 12:20, and everyone is required to be there each week. Times are as follows:

EmKay 10:10-11
Shane 12:20-1:10
Amanda 1:25-1:55

Nole 11:15-12:05
Valencia 1:25-2:15

Callie 11-11:50
Ariel 12-12:50
Jake 1-1:50

Charles 11:15-12:05
Performance Class 12:20-1:10

Thursday, August 16, 2012

MERRY WIDOW auditions Friday

Sign up for a time on my door, Hulsey 249. Sing anything--aria, musical theatre song, choir tune, the national anthem. C'mon, you know you wanna!

UAB Opera Picnic at Oak Mountain

It's that time...let's get together at Oak Mountain, kayak, swim, and eat more food than should be legal! We'll start at 2pm on Sunday, August 19 (yes, that's THIS SUNDAY) and eat and play until we're full or exhausted or both. Joe and I will bring the charcoal, hotdogs, kayaks, and other games. Sign-ups for other food will be on the Facebook event page. Anyone who has been part of a UAB opera or the choir...or wants to!...is welcome. Invite your friends!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free pizza!

In case you missed this in GreenMail, the UAB Student Alumni Society invites all students to the Alumni House for free pizza from 11:30 to 2:30 Thursday, Aug. 16. Enjoy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

WIDOW auditions in one week!

Opera auditions are one week from today, August 17 from 2-5 in the choral room (Hulsey 308). Looking forward to seeing everyone in class Thursday, August 16 at 3:30. If you're even remotely curious, come to class! We'll meet in the choral room. Bring your audition piece if you want to test it out before the big day. Wear comfortable clothes...we'll play some games too.

Friday, August 3, 2012

More info on MERRY WIDOW

    HANNA (Madame Glavari) - "The Merry Widow". Young, pretty, vivacious, all the title implies. High soprano: low B flat to top B flat with optional C
    DANILO (Count Danilovitsch) - aristocratic playboy-attaché at the Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris. Cheerful, debonair, irresponsible, very attractive to the ladies - of whose company, along with his wine, he is extremely fond. High baritone: low A to top F.
    BARON ZETA - Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris. Middle-aged: a little pompous, comic when he is trying to be a dutiful official, a bit of an old rogue but very likeable; over confident of his wife's virtues. Baritone: low A to top E, with optional F.
    VALENCIENNE (Baroness Zeta) - the Ambassador's rather foolish but would-be-faithful wife. Naïvely amorous, she lacks the courage to stray from the straight and narrow path, but cannot bring herself effectively to dismiss the young man who tempts her from it. Soprano: low B flat to top B flat.
    CAMILLE (Count de Rosillon) - the ardent young Frenchman in love with Valencienne. Light tenor: middle C to A flat, with optional B flat.
    NJEGUS - Baron Zeta's Factotum. Sly; amusing; a "character". Baritone: low B flat to top B flat.
    ST BRIOCHE and CASCADA - two diplomatic guests at the Embassy. Though entangled with married ladies, they are rivals for the hand of the Widow. They are both conceited, shallow and rather ridiculous. Baritones: St Brioche, low D to top F; Cascada, middle C to top F.
    KROMOV - an attaché who is forever nagging his wife for flirting; self-important, with an absurdly over-punctilious manner. Baritone: low B flat to top E flat.
    OLGA - wife of Kromov. Contralto: low D to top E flat.
    BOGDANOVITSCH and PRITSCH - attachés at the Embassy. Baritones: middle C to top E flat.
    SYLVIA and PRASKOVIA - lady guests at the Embassy. Sylvia mezzo-soprano: D to top A flat:
    PRASKOVIA, contralto: D to D.
•  LOLO, DODO, JOU-JOU, FROU-FROU, CLO-CLO, MARGOT - "grisettes" at Maxim's - soubrettes: middle C to top F.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Voice Repertoire Assignments

Dear Dr. Kris Voice Students:

Following are ideas for repertoire for you. Feel free to ask questions, find other (similar) pieces, and do let me know if you absolutely don't like one of the pieces I've chosen for you. Life is too short to sing music you don't enjoy! You do not have to learn everything this semester, but have at least one piece learned well enough to begin work by Monday, August 20. Do not arrive to your first full lesson without something prepared.

Semester lesson times will be set by then. We will ALL meet during the first noon convocation on Wednesday, August 15, and at that time everyone will sign up for a half hour lesson for that week. Please bring your class schedule to that meeting, or even better, put it in the envelope on my door before then!

Any of the Mahler songs from a year ago
Anything from RVW's "The House of Life"
Bernstein's "To what you said" (from SONGFEST)
Faure's "Au cimitiere" or "Au bord de l'eau"
Anything from DICHTERLIEBE
Korngold's "Liebesbriefchen"
Hamlet - "O vin, dissipe la tristesse"
Traviata - "Di provenza il mar"
Faust - "Avant de quitter ces lieux"

R. Strauss "Allerseelen," "Caecilie" or "Wir sollten wit geheim," "Der Nachtgang"
Faure: POEME D'UN JOUR: "Rencontre," "Toujours," "Adieu"
Argento SIX ELIZABETHAN SONGS: learn the rest!
Nemorino and Tonio's arias

Purcell's "I'll Sail Upon the Dog-star"
Faure: "Sylvie," "Nell"
Handel's "Comfort Ye"
More Semele arias...we'll talk
Mozart: "Un' aura amorosa" or "Dies Bildnis"
Heggie: "Friendly Persuasions"

Faure's "Chanson d'amour"
Ricky Ian Gordon: "My Special Picnic"
Schubert: "Rastlose Liebe" and "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt"
"Fair Robin I Love" from TARTUFFE
"Vilja" from MERRY WIDOW

Faure's "Mandoline" and "Apres un Reve" OR...
Walton: Poems by Edith Sitwell
Mozart: "S'altro che lagrime" or "Durch Zaertlichkeit"
Menotti: "Monica's Waltz" from THE MEDIUM
"Vilja" from MERRY WIDOW
Schumann: "Der Nussbaum," "Er ist's"
Quilter: "Love's Philosophy"

R. Strauss: "Schlagende Herzen," "Die Nacht," "Ich Schwebe"
Faure "En Priere"
Handel: "Mio caro bene," "How beautiful are the feet" from MESSIAH; JEPHTHA arias

Bellini: "Vaga luna," "Vanne o Rose fortunata" OR "Per pieta"
Hahn: "Quand je fus pris au pavillon"
Mozart: "Als Luise die Briefe," "An Chloe"
Dowland: "If my complaints" or "Can she excuse," "Lend your ears to my sorrow"
If you don't like the Dowland songs, we'll work on some Purcell!

from 24 Songs and Arias: "Per la gloria" or "Gia il sole dal Gange"
Quilter: "Weep you no more, sad fountains"

That's all I have for now...more to come, folks.

Final performance class

We will all meet together in HRH today. If Mr. Byrd or Dr. Mosteller is playing for you in lieu of Dr. Steele, be sure they have your music!...