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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Excellent journal

Let's hear it for Beau: best journal of the week!

My voice was not at its most confident for this lesson. I’ve made a conscious effort (during choir as well) to make lip-trill vocalises sound more “melismatic” (sliding between pitches and making them more legato, rather than making them sound isolated). I’ve also focused on breathing out rather than up, which has helped a good bit; I’ve noticed it helps to produce a more consistent tone. Keeping all of the tones on the same level vocally has presented a bit of a challenge, but I feel that I have improved with that. I did have a bit of a difficulty with tone consistency, but that’s getting better; I’m working on not making such a dramatic shift from bright to dark tone as I go down the scale. It sounds silly, but I feel that my tendency to sing mezzo-piano and call it ‘forte’ may be a confidence thing. Stomach contraction is improving slowly but surely (especially with the ‘tee teh tah’ exercise. Good tone production is like a good golf swing; a lot of different things to think about at once (though I cannot take a good golf swing to save my life). On the positive side, ‘yawning’ into the ‘I love’ exercise is coming a lot more naturally, and I’ve noticed in choir that my problems with rocking and not bending my knees have are almost nonexistent.

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