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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SEMELE DVD viewing

Hi folks, There has been a cancellation in the recital hall: we can now have it Thursday, April 29 from 2-6. Please post here if 2pm works for you: I got the impression that would be better than 3pm, so you have more time before your evening recording session. Lauren, I'm so sorry the timing worked out this way...let me know if you'd like to arrange something else so you can see it too! Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Many unexpected events made this repeated re-scheduling necessary. Remember, those of you who have not paid for your opera score must do so in order to receive a grade.


Lauren said...

i can't do thursdays!!! :( wish i could see it.

Leah said...

I have a voice lesson at 2 that afternoon... Is it okay if I come 30 minutes or an hour late?

Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk said...

Yes, you may!

Last performance class

We will meet all together in HRH. Don't fret: everyone should still be able to sing. See you then.