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Monday, January 31, 2011

Costumes & character analysis sheets

Darlings, I'm told that there are still five or so of you who have not gone to the costume shop to get measured. You MUST go within the next two days or you may not have a costume! Also, character analysis sheets were due Friday, and I'm still missing MANY of them. I am willing to accept them until tomorrow's rehearsal. If I do not receive a sheet from you, know that you will be put on the spot in rehearsal to answer questions about your character AND that your grade is in jeopardy if any other lack of preparation is evident. Preparation and professionalism is part of this business and part of your grade. If you are one who has missed one or both of the above, you're not exhibiting it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Character Sheets due tomorrow

Friendly reminder, folks: opera character sheets are due tomorrow, Friday. If you are not called to rehearsal, they are still due! Stop by with yours or email it to me. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We have a fan!

My eye doctor, Dr. Adam Gordon, reads our blog with great interest. He's an amateur musician who follows us regularly. Read about him here. Thanks for keeping us on your radar, Dr. Gordon. If I hadn't found music, I'd want your job. Giving people the gift of sight is right up there with giving them the gift of music.

Vocal health session

Monday's meeting will be an introduction to vocal health. We'll talk about various things that impact the voice, including medications. See you at 3pm on January 31 in the Choral Room!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Vienna Study Away: July 10-31, 2011

Meeting this Wednesday, January 2 from 3-3:30 in Dr. Kris's office, HC 249. The web site is live: register now! This will be a Q&A session. Come with any questions or concerns you have.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday's rehearsal time changed

Folks, I've changed Sunday's start time to accommodate Tyler's return (see calendar). This will affect those of you in FAUST, but I have notified Daniel Siegel. Come absolutely prepared and I'll get you out of here as quickly as possible!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Opera scheduling changes

Folks, there are some adjustments on this week's calendar: check it out! And keep the faith--YOU CAN DO THIS.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Schedule change for TODAY!

Folks, Mark Kunkel is stuck in Atlanta due to the ice, so it makes no sense to do Sailors today. I'd like to finish the Purcell Courtiers music, and switch that with Sunday's Courtiers time. Everyone singing chorus in anything Purcell, please come today and we'll get as much done as possible. Thanks for being flexible!

Costume measurements

The costume folks will be at the Choral Room at 3pm tomorrow to measure you. Everyone must be present for measuring at that time, whether or not you are called for rehearsal. It should only take a few minutes but is vital to the show! Thanks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Opera rescheduling

Due to the snow days, I've revamped this weekend's rehearsal schedule. I wasn't planning on cutting into MLK holiday, but we all got an extra vacation day with the snow storm and have to pay the price. Please check details for Sunday and Monday and email me if you have something that absolutely can't be moved. PLEASE try to be flexible on YOUR end if you can: making up for lost time is very difficult. Thanks!

Winter Driving Tips from a Yankee

Even though the worst of the storm is over, after talking to Drew yesterday, I thought it might help to share some advice with you about how to drive in winter conditions. When you're used to it, it's not so scary, but when you're not, it can be awful. I hope the following helps.
CLEAN OFF YOUR WHOLE CAR. You need total visibility, and huge chunks of snow falling off your car can be a problem for other drivers. Speaking of visibility, use your headlights. Others will be able to see you better.
SLOW DOWN. Way down. Leave early so you have time to get where you're going safely.
LEAVE EXTRA ROOM between you and the car ahead of you. If they skid, you need time to react. Leave twice as much room as you think you need. Also, not everyone on the road is as cautious or smart as you are.
FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE: On snow and ice, go slowly, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Even if you have an SUV with four-wheel drive you may not be able to stop any faster, or maintain control any better, once you lose traction. Four-wheel drive may get you going faster, but it won’t help you stop sooner.
USE YOUR ENGINE, not your brakes, to control your speed. If you drive standard transmission, all the better. If you don't drive stick, most cars still have a lower gear (3, 2, or L for really slow speeds). Use it, and slow down by letting your foot off the gas.
USE WELL-TRAVELED LANES. Even if there's more traffic, there's likely to be less ice.
BRIDGES FREEZE FIRST. If you can plan an alternate route around bridges and overpasses, use it.
IF YOU HIT ICE, DON'T PANIC! Do not brake if you can help it. Keep your speed consistent, or take your foot off the gas, but don't brake.
BRAKING CAN BE TRICKY. Learn how to get maximum efficiency from your brakes before an emergency. It's easy to properly use antilock brakes: Stomp, stay and steer. Stomp on the pedal as if you were trying to snap it off. Stay hard on the pedal. Steer around the obstacle. A little bit of steering goes a very long way: be gentle. If you drive on icy roads or roads that are covered with snow, modify your ABS technique: After you "Stomp" and the ABS begins cycling — you will feel pulses in the pedal or hear the system working — ease up slightly on the pedal until the pulsing happens only once a second.
For vehicles without ABS, you'll have to rely on the old-fashioned system: You. For non-ABS on a mixed-surface road, push the brake pedal hard until the wheels stop rolling, then immediately release the brake enough to allow the wheels to begin turning again. Repeat this sequence rapidly. This is not the same as "pumping the brake." Your goal is to have the tires producing maximum grip regardless of whether the surface is snow, ice or damp pavement. None of this works on ice, generally speaking, but it works on snow. Don't brake on ice!
STEER INTO A SKID. If you start to skid, steer GENTLY in the direction of the skid. This means if the back of your car is skidding toward your right, turn the wheel gently toward the right. Try not to brake (see above).
STAY IN YOUR CAR if you're in an accident. If other cars are skidding, they could hit you. If worse comes to worst, it's better they hit you when you're surrounded by metal.
Be safe out there, folks. Nothing is worth your life.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Due to freezing conditions after dark, Dr. Reynolds suggested canceling opera rehearsal altogether today. We will have to reschedule, since this makes the second rehearsal we've missed. Please email me any conflicts you have with Saturdays. One big Saturday rehearsal (or MLK Monday) should put us back on track. Be safe, folks.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Voice Performance Class Schedule Spring 2011

Jan 7 Combined class in Choir Room (HC 308) [Dr. Kris at conference]
Jan 14 Makeup Juries in HRH
Jan 21 (NO class; AMEA conference in Montgomery)
Jan 28 Tutti class in HRH
Feb 4 (NO class; Quink Master Class at noon)
Feb 11 Combined class in HRH (NATS participants have priority)
Feb 18 (NO class; NATS Student Auditions in Tuscaloosa)
Feb 25 Separate classes in HRH (Mostellers) and 308 (Dr. Kris)
Mar 4 Separate classes in HRH (Dr. Kris) and 308 (Mostellers)
Mar 11 (NO class; Opera opening night that evening)
Mar 18 Spring Break
Mar 25 Combined class in HRH
April 1 Voice Studio Recital dress rehearsal, noon to 3:00
April 8 Separate classes in HRH (Mostellers) and 308 (Dr. Kris)
April 15 Separate classes in HRH (Dr. Kris) and 308 (Mostellers)
April 22 Dr. Kris studio ONLY meets today in HRH

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vienna trip

Our new dates for the Vienna trip are July 10-31. This gives us the best rate and still allows me to attend Ms. Reynolds's wedding on July 9! Let's meet soon...more details to come. Happy New Year!

Final performance class

We will all meet together in HRH today. If Mr. Byrd or Dr. Mosteller is playing for you in lieu of Dr. Steele, be sure they have your music!...