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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Helpful Apps for Choice Week

There are a ton of Apps you can get for your phone that help you make better choices. I like My Fitness Pal for many reasons. You can track your calorie intake, it remembers the things you eat often, and you can search for calorie information on homemade or restaurant foods. (For example, did you know that the mozzarella sticks appetizer at Applebee's is 930 calories?! Made me choose something else, that's for sure. Yikes.) It also calculates how many calories you burn during various activities: I burned 38 calories during my 10 minute walk around the quad yesterday.

I'm just figuring it out, my the new iOS has a Health App, too. Nike has a running app, and Tactio has a very comprehensive looking app. There are tons of them, and they're a great way for tech nerds like me to stay honest.

Give it a try!

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