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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Voice Studio Recital tomorrow


Following are some thoughts regarding tomorrow's recital. Most of this is common sense and much of it is repeated information for many of you, but please review it to refresh your memory.

Call time is 7pm; the recital is at 7:30. I know it's listed as 7pm in your syllabus: I left it that way on purpose because many of you were rolling in at the last minute in years past. Please do my blood pressure a favor and be here at call time. Come find me and let me know you are here; if I'm not in the recital hall by then (which is unlikely), I'll be in my office.

Recital Guidelines

Hair out of eyes: check that you don’t have “swing” it after bowing
Check undergarments for full coverage and lack of lines, both front and back
Skirt length no higher than knees
No funky tights or stockings! Keep it simple
Closed-toed shoes are best unless your skirt is long
Pantsuits are fine, especially if you’re singing a “trouser” role
Do a cleavage check: can you bow without feeling like you have to cover your chest?
Wear enough makeup so that you don’t look washed out under stage lights
Heels shouldn’t be so high that you have to lock your knees to stay upright

Jacket is usually recommended: tie is optional
If you do wear a tie, long ties tend to look better than bow ties: they provide a better "line"
If you can, wear a shirt with a collar size one size bigger than usual for comfort
Be sure your shoes are shined and your socks are not visible

Be sure clothes are pressed
SMILE and acknowledge the audience both entering and exiting
Bow and look pleased no matter how it goes: be gracious
Acknowledge your pianist with a smile, nod or gesture
DO NOT TALK backstage: don’t even whisper. Focus your energy
Don’t let the door slam when you go backstage
Be sure everyone in your group is there before first person enters
Enjoy yourself and be supportive of your colleagues!

In this case, dress rehearsal doesn’t mean you have to wear what you plan to wear for the recital, unless you’d like to try it out. It is, however, recommended that you wear the shoes you plan to wear so you get used to walking and singing in them.

We will do our best to end class on time. Be efficient and ready to go so we stay on track.

Be in the building at least a half-hour before the performance. FIND YOUR TEACHER to let him/her know that you are here. DO NOT MAKE US FIND YOU. Come find us!

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Last performance class

We will meet all together in HRH. Don't fret: everyone should still be able to sing. See you then.