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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Opera Workshop rehearsal


MUCH better work this week! Keep it up, and integrate any corrections you've been given. One area of improvement I would like to see: lateness has become a problem. No more rolling in 5-8 minutes late, or coming in on time but then taking 5 minutes of rehearsal to find music stands or anything else you need. Be ready to BEGIN at the appointed time. You were all great at this early in the semester: let's regain that professionalism and maintain it.

Staging rehearsals begin today. To be ready on time, anyone called for that day should meet me at my office at 3:25 to help bring props to the recital hall. Your props will be YOUR responsibility each rehearsal day, and they will be stored in my office for security reasons. Being on time to help set the stage, arrange your props, etc. will be part of your assignment each time we work on your scene.

Have your scores with you, but be memorized enough that they are not by any means a crutch. As always, have a pencil so you can mark your blocking in the score.

Looking forward to getting these scenes on their feet!

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Last performance class

We will meet all together in HRH. Don't fret: everyone should still be able to sing. See you then.