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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Character sheets due today at 3:30

I'm having a great time reading those that have already been submitted. Clearly, several of you have had fun completing these, and that's what it's all about! Looking forward to reading the rest, as well.

Here's an example that really cracked me up (plus, it's right on the money):

1.     Name: Count Almaviva.
2.     Age: Mid-late twenties.
3.     Where do you live? Seville, Spain.
4.     Who are the important/influential members of your family? My wife Rosina and I are Count and Countess; I am governor of Andalusia.
5.     Whom do you love? My wife Rosina (not so much as you would know, from my love of women in general).
6.     What are you afraid of? Jealousy; shame.
7.     What are the defining circumstances of your life? My appointment as Count and the winning of Rosina’s hand.
8.     What makes you happy/angry/sad? I’m happy when I get my way. I’m not happy when I don’t and others do.
9.     What emotion do you feel most often? Arousal.
10. Who or what is the “emotional center” of your life? Rosina is the emotional center. Other women are the physical center.
11. What drives you? My immense sex drive.
12. Describe the room in which you spend most of your time. Other women’s bedrooms.
13. What events shaped your life? Which one most profoundly shaped your life? My winning of Rosina from Bartolo.
14. How concerned are you about your weight, hair, clothing, etc.? Very. Got to keep up appearances for the ladies.
15. Where do you sleep? Anywhere I wish. With whom/alone? Whichever lucky girl I fancy that evening.
16. What do you want more than anything? Satisfaction.
17. Have you ever been betrayed? By whom? I’ve accused many people of it, but no.
18. Have you ever betrayed anyone? It’s not betrayal when I do it.
19. What do you feel guilty about? My extracurricular activities, but only when caught.
20. What do you regret? See previous.
21. Who is your best friend? Figaro, until he tried to marry the fine piece I’m trying to get with. Makes a man feel like reinstating le droit du seigneur.
22. Who is your enemy? Formerly Bartolo, currently Figaro. Basically anyone who stands between me and my nookie.
23. Describe your parents. Lovely people; very wealthy; afforded me everything to get to where I am today.
24. Do you have any children? If so, describe them. I’m sure I do. They remind me of their mothers. I’m sure Rosina and I will bear totally non-bastard children together in the future.
25. What was your greatest loss? That time I didn’t get what I wanted. I was so embarrassed.
26. Of what are you the most proud? My wealth, my status, my elegant bearing, and my skirt-lifting abilities.
27. What important thing(s) have you not yet revealed about yourself? My true love for my wife, despite my inability to keep my pants on.

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