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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Question of the Day

Is there anything I am doing, consciously or unconsciously, that is unwanted or unneeded?

This was the question that Jim Brody suggested we ask ourselves during our constructive rest. I confess it's a question that can and has been useful to me throughout the day, not just during my rest. Unwanted? Biting my lip when I'm stressed. Unneeded? Clenching my right thumb when I type. Unwanted? Stressing over things I can't control. Unneeded? That half a candy bar I ate last night when I was already full. The list is actually pretty long, and can extend to unhelpful thought patterns. But I can change them...both my thoughts and my actions.

Asking and answering the question can a gold mine of discovery if you can look at it that way.

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