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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Opera announcements, again

Thank you for your character sheets! Many were very fine and all were enjoyable. The most in-depth, creative, and entertaining award goes to GREG PAYNE, who went all out. Bravo, Greg!

Note the times for the next two days: we're starting a bit later on Friday to accommodate Julia's schedule, since it's a dance rehearsal only. I'll post who/what after tomorrow's run-through. Review everything...we're two weeks and counting! Be solid.

3:30-6:30 Slog through the entire show: all called. Please be there for the whole time if you can: excuse forms are provided. If your profs will let you out of your classes without penalty, please be there.

3:30-6:30 Dance rehearsal only: TBA numbers and times. (NO LES TODAY)

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