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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Opera this week

Darlings, this week we finish blocking the opera. Remember that your off-book deadline is a week from tomorrow, October 22. That's also the first day in the theatre, and we'll start filling in any gaps with choreography, deeper character work, etc. Please know that I won't expect perfection on that first day. If, however, it's clear you have NO idea where to go and what you're supposed to be singing, and if you're still singing wrong notes, you WILL be penalized in your final grade. Check blocking now if you're confused. Fix any wrong notes. Don't miss rehearsal. Plan ahead!

And remember that I push you so that you will succeed. Love y'all madly...

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Last performance class

We will meet all together in HRH. Don't fret: everyone should still be able to sing. See you then.