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Friday, March 11, 2011

From Jacob Wooten

Folks, I thought you might appreciate reading what Jacob had to say after seeing last night's dress rehearsal:
I just wanted to share with you how awesome I thought the operas were. They were a treat aurally, visually, dramatically, thematically, and symbolically. Both were extremely well put-together!
It's so weird to view it as an outsider but I'm glad I got to! The members of the Britten cast have been talking about how weird theirs is, but it didn't come across as weird. The music was strange to perform I'm sure, but to me, an audience member not a part of the process at all, it made perfect sense. It created its own musical world that exactly fit the drama even down to a symbolic level. As strange as it feels for them, it feels that sensible (if not beautiful) to the audience! The Britten holds a very special place for me now...probably one of my favorite operas.
Thank you so much for preparing my friends to do such a great job and for exposing the audiences to such marvelous music on both sides. Anyone going to our opera is in for a treat this year. :)
Keep pushing us all!

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