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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Performance Class March 2

Our performance class will be split on March 2. My students and Prof. Doss's students will be in HRH; Dr. Cho's and Dr. Evans's students will be in the dance studio. This schedule is as follows:

Chris in HRH until 12:50 with KHW
Michael Giddens (twice if time)
Beau Boudreaux
Daley Browning
Ashlyn Poe
Briana Auhing

Richard in Dance Studio until 12:50 with WC and PE (though it sounded like Patrick can’t come)
Clara Holmes
Quan Patterson
Diego Villanueva
Brooke Payne
Savannah Faulkner
Rachel Biggs


Richard in HRH from 12:50-1:10
Jenn Palmieri
Farryn Owens
Peyton Overstreet

Chris in Dance Studio  from 12:50-1:10
Daniel Johnson
Maurice Nix
Andrew Ellis

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