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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Repertoire assignments and schedules

Hi folks,

I hope you are enjoying break, and have found some time to rest and relax.

Following are repertoire assignments. Have one piece learned solidly for your first lesson, which will be posted January 2. To that end, I need everyone's schedules NO LATER THAN midnight on New Year's Day. To date, I have only received two (thank you, Briana and Farryn, for being on the ball). Do not procrastinate: I will be traveling starting on the 3rd, and return to town late on the 7th. Lessons begin on the 8th. Be sure you leave 12:20-1:10 free every Friday, as that is our Performance Class and attendance each week is required.

Have a PDF ready to send to your pianist, whose name will be posted along with your lesson time on January 2. Send the PDF to your pianist on January 2, so he has time to learn it before your first lesson. We are hitting the ground running this semester! Be sure you are registered before your first lesson, otherwise I cannot teach you.

Briana: any of the Seven Popular Songs by de Falla
Beau: whatever you feel least comfortable with for your recital
Michael: “Am Feierabend”
Ashlyn: "Pieta, Signore" from your Italian book 
Jenn: one Italian song or MT song of your choice
Camilla: one Italian song or MT song of your choice
Peyton: one Italian song or MT song of your choice
Lilly: one Italian song or MT song of your choice
Grace: Non so piu or Voi che sapete from LE NOZZE DI FIGARO by Mozart
Farryn: O del mio dolce ardor by Gluck from your Italian aria book
Eric: When the air sings of summer from OLD MAID AND THE THIEF by Menotti
Austin: Che faró senza Euridice from ORFEO ED EURIDICE by Gluck

If for some reason you don't see your name above, email me and I'll tend to it.

As always, if you don't like something, let me know right away and I'll choose something else for you. Life is too short to sing something you don't enjoy. BUT...do not use dislike of a song an excuse to come in unprepared! Be sure you have purchased the required text, PERFORMANCE SUCCESS, and bring it to your first lesson.

Till then, Happy New Year!


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