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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Voice Lesson Schedule

Hi Folks,

Following is the schedule for voice lessons. While I hope it will not change, it might due to coordination with our pianists. Be sure to check the schedule again several times before next week to see if it remains the same for the semester. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR NAME BELOW OR IF THIS TIME CONFLICTS WITH SOMETHING YOU HAVE ALREADY SCHEDULED, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY VIA TEXT: 205-306-6093.

If you'd like a pianist for your first lesson, please contact Dr. Chris Steele or Carolyn Violi to ask if they can join us for the second half of your lesson. The only one that is required to do so during the first lesson is Nole: for everyone else, this is optional, but you're welcome to do so if you have repertoire you'd like to work right away.

FYI: half-hour lessons (1 credit) will be 25 minutes, though we'll often go for the full 30 minutes; one-hour lessons (2 credit) will be 50 minutes. Please plan accordingly, and be a few minutes early. You can stretch in the hall, or (if no one is having a lesson) come in and stretch in my office. Please knock before entering. Thanks.

Looking forward to beginning/resuming our work! I will see you at your lesson AND at our Friday class at 12:20 in my studio (I may be able to schedule another space: check here to be certain). If you have any questions about anything at all, please feel free to text, call, stop by, or email me. I am here to help!

10:30-11 Nicole
11-11:30 Ashley
11:30-12 Addie
3:30-4:20 Dana

10-10:50 Alyssa
11-11:30 Alyse R.
1-1:30 Hunter
3:30-4 Selina

9:30-10 Kristin D.
10:10-11 Nole
11:10-12 Rae

11-11:50 Beau
2-2:50 Madison
3-3:50 Michael

11-11:50 Briana

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