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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tiny Change #7: self-talk

How do you talk to yourself?

Be honest. We all talk to ourselves, whether it's aloud or just inside our heads.

What does your inner voice say? Is it some version of the following?

"I hope I don't mess up."
"My singing really sucks."
"Why bother? S/he is a better singer anyway."
"I'm not an expressive singer at all."
"I get really nervous about performing."
"I don't feel like practicing today. It doesn't make any difference anyway."

Or is it more like these examples?

"I'm looking forward to singing a solid performance today."
"I have some work to do, but I still have something to offer RIGHT NOW."
"S/he inspires me to get into the practice room. What a role model!"
"I'm learning to take more expressive risks when I sing."
"Feeling butterflies is normal: I need some adrenaline to do my best."
"Showing up every day, no matter how I feel, is how I make progress over the long haul."

Thinking is habitual. Many of us believe our thoughts are out of our control, but they are actually completely within our sphere of influence. We can improve our thought patterns with practice. Just like anything else, being constructive with our thinking takes awareness and work.

This week, each time you have a negative thought about your artistry or progress, pause that thought and replace it with something more constructive...even if you don't quite believe it yet. You'll improve each time you do it.

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