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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tiny Change #8: commit

We all know how it feels when a friend or significant other can't commit. They make promises they don't keep, plan for lunch dates that are always canceled, don't follow through when they say they will. After a few (or a few dozen) times, most of us get tired of that and stop asking, stop trusting, stop believing. The friendship or love affair cools, and we move on.

But how about the promises you make to yourself? 

Most of us make promises to ourselves that we don't keep. It erodes our self-esteem, our very sense of self, our belief that we'll ever be trustworthy even to ourselves.

This week, make a promise to yourself that you will keep, no matter what. Even better, do something small each day. See how differently you feel about your own trustworthiness.

It can be tiny. It can be something as seemingly unimportant as deciding what time you're going to go to bed, and doing it. Or refraining from eating something naughty, just for today. Or (God forbid) practicing 10 minutes longer today than you did yesterday. Or not responding to that nasty roommate when normally you would. Or not speeding on the way to school. You get the idea.

See how you feel after a week of keeping your word to the most important person in your life: YOU.

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