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Monday, August 4, 2014

Twelve Tiny Changes

Hi folks,

Several of you asked for bodywork classes for SNATS, as well as a mezzo-soprano guest clinician. You asked, and shall receive! Coming this fall:

Jim Brody, Alexander Technique, director of CU's Musicians' Wellness Center: November 4-5
Julie Simson, mezzo-soprano (Rice University): October 24
Eric Agee, personal trainer: our guru in residence! Here he is:

Now, don't be afraid...Eric may be a fitness god, but he won't hurt you. He and I have been talking about how to structure our offerings, and are thinking that TWELVE TINY CHANGES is the way to go. (Why 12, you ask? Well, there are 14 weeks in the semester, and we're likely to miss a week or two.) We'll keep them simple, because you can't change the world overnight. But little things, integrated slowly over time, can make a big difference in your life.

The first change to start thinking about is breakfast. Yes, breakfast. Do you eat it every day? Many people don't like to eat breakfast. Changing this little habit can affect your blood sugar, cravings, and calorie intake throughout the day. At this point in the game there are not even guidelines on what to eat. Just eat something!

Sound doable? Make that your goal between now and the beginning of classes. Eat something within one hour of waking. And if you can't bring yourself to eat, drink a protein shake!

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