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Friday, August 29, 2014

Accompanist policies

Folks, though we have not assigned pianists yet, the following policy is for those who will work with Dr. Steele. His policy serves as a good model for anyone you would work with, though I recommend always checking with your pianist regarding his/her policy. Remember to treat your pianist well: you cannot do anything without him or her. Thanks!

Accompanist Policies

Dr. Chris Steele HC 242 steelec@uab.edu

As soon as you are assigned a piece with piano accompaniment, please do the following:
1) Provide me with the score in one of the following formats: 
Original score
Double-sided copies (no hole-punches or tape) 
Emailed PDF
2) Email me the following information: 
Your name and instrument
Your instructor’s name and your lesson day/time 
Title of your piece and which movement(s) you will be preparing 
If known, when you want to begin rehearsing and any planned performance dates

The above should be done with the following deadlines in mind:
1) Lessons/rehearsals: 2) Individual recitals:
3) Student Recital #1: 4) Voice Studio Rec: 5) Student Recital #2: 6) Student Recital #3: 7) Juries:
due 1 week before due 3 weeks before
due Sept.17 due Oct.3 due Oct.15 due Nov.5 due Nov.14

* You are welcome to make requests for which the deadline has passed. I will make every effort to accommodate the request, but cannot make any guarantees.

* Please do not forget to tell me if something has been cancelled, or if your repertoire has changed.

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