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Friday, November 1, 2013


Darlings, great work this week. You really have a first act ready for a final polish, which is exactly what we needed this week. I'm truly pleased with your work, your attention to the text, and the thoroughness of your preparation. It's very clear that memory slips are minor, and you're able to get right back on track. That's important.

Next week, we may not have the chance to be quite as thorough with specific direction as we were this week, so that we can have a final product for Ed on the 11th. This does not worry me: we'll have time for tweaking starting the 12th. I also expect that, with all the wonderful character work you've done so far, you'll be able to make choices with less direction from me, because you have Act I so clearly in your heads.

As I said tonight, remember to take some time for yourselves this weekend. Go to a movie, take a long nap, or go for a walk when it's so beautiful outside. Some time away from the work is just as important as the time you'll need to spend preparing for Monday. Constructive rest on a daily basis (lying semi-supine on the floor, with or without a few thin books under your head) is great physical and mental rest, even if you only do it for 5-10 minutes.

I'm very happy with your progress. This show will be something we can all be proud of. Stay the course!

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