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Friday, January 25, 2013

Performance Class & Jury Schedule

Performance Class Schedule (Fridays, 12:20 pm, Hulsey Recital Hall)                      
February 1           Class
February 8           Class
February 15         AlaNATS festival in Tuscaloosa; NO CLASS
February 22         Studio Voice Recital dress rehearsal. Plan to stay until 2:15 pm.
March 1                Class
March 8                Class
March 15              Class (Spring break begins March 16, not today!)
March 22              Spring Break, no classes
March 29              Class
April 5                  Concert Choir on tour; NO CLASS
April 12                Class
April 19                Class
April 26                Last class
VOICE JURIES are Wednesday, May 8, starting at 9 am.
This is during the official UAB Final Examination period. Make arrangements NOW.

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