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Sunday, September 2, 2012

WIDOW calendar

The production calendar for the week has been posted below, with more to follow soon. To find when you're needed, scroll all the way down to the Google calendar, select each opera rehearsal day, and read carefully to see when you're called. Check page numbers in your score to be sure. I've noted where folks who have classes cannot be there: if I've missed you, please email me.

You'll notice we're working fairly quickly. It's my hope to give everyone a day off fairly soon, but you have to EARN it by being prepared for rehearsal. Spend a little time speaking rhythmically through your part, listening to the show, and plunking your notes before coming in. 

For dance rehearsals, please wear comfortable clothes and closed-toed shoes, but not something with rubber soles if at all possible. Be ready for some FUN and a little but of sweat!

One last friendly reminder: if you are confused about whether or not you're needed, talk to me. Do not talk to your friends. If you are at all uncertain, come to rehearsal anyway! It's easier to let you go if you're not needed than to try to track you down.

Have a great holiday weekend, and remember I love y'all madly.

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Last performance class

We will meet all together in HRH. Don't fret: everyone should still be able to sing. See you then.