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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Voice Repertoire Assignments

Dear Dr. Kris Voice Students:

Following are ideas for repertoire for you. Feel free to ask questions, find other (similar) pieces, and do let me know if you absolutely don't like one of the pieces I've chosen for you. Life is too short to sing music you don't enjoy! You do not have to learn everything this semester, but have at least one piece learned well enough to begin work by Monday, August 20. Do not arrive to your first full lesson without something prepared.

Semester lesson times will be set by then. We will ALL meet during the first noon convocation on Wednesday, August 15, and at that time everyone will sign up for a half hour lesson for that week. Please bring your class schedule to that meeting, or even better, put it in the envelope on my door before then!

Any of the Mahler songs from a year ago
Anything from RVW's "The House of Life"
Bernstein's "To what you said" (from SONGFEST)
Faure's "Au cimitiere" or "Au bord de l'eau"
Anything from DICHTERLIEBE
Korngold's "Liebesbriefchen"
Hamlet - "O vin, dissipe la tristesse"
Traviata - "Di provenza il mar"
Faust - "Avant de quitter ces lieux"

R. Strauss "Allerseelen," "Caecilie" or "Wir sollten wit geheim," "Der Nachtgang"
Faure: POEME D'UN JOUR: "Rencontre," "Toujours," "Adieu"
Argento SIX ELIZABETHAN SONGS: learn the rest!
Nemorino and Tonio's arias

Purcell's "I'll Sail Upon the Dog-star"
Faure: "Sylvie," "Nell"
Handel's "Comfort Ye"
More Semele arias...we'll talk
Mozart: "Un' aura amorosa" or "Dies Bildnis"
Heggie: "Friendly Persuasions"

Faure's "Chanson d'amour"
Ricky Ian Gordon: "My Special Picnic"
Schubert: "Rastlose Liebe" and "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt"
"Fair Robin I Love" from TARTUFFE
"Vilja" from MERRY WIDOW

Faure's "Mandoline" and "Apres un Reve" OR...
Walton: Poems by Edith Sitwell
Mozart: "S'altro che lagrime" or "Durch Zaertlichkeit"
Menotti: "Monica's Waltz" from THE MEDIUM
"Vilja" from MERRY WIDOW
Schumann: "Der Nussbaum," "Er ist's"
Quilter: "Love's Philosophy"

R. Strauss: "Schlagende Herzen," "Die Nacht," "Ich Schwebe"
Faure "En Priere"
Handel: "Mio caro bene," "How beautiful are the feet" from MESSIAH; JEPHTHA arias

Bellini: "Vaga luna," "Vanne o Rose fortunata" OR "Per pieta"
Hahn: "Quand je fus pris au pavillon"
Mozart: "Als Luise die Briefe," "An Chloe"
Dowland: "If my complaints" or "Can she excuse," "Lend your ears to my sorrow"
If you don't like the Dowland songs, we'll work on some Purcell!

from 24 Songs and Arias: "Per la gloria" or "Gia il sole dal Gange"
Quilter: "Weep you no more, sad fountains"

That's all I have for now...more to come, folks.

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