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Sunday, February 19, 2012

MOLM notes from Sunday rehearsal

We talked about some of these things in rehearsal, but some reminders:
-we will work during choir time on Wednesday. Check the calendar and be there!
-start working off book this week. Calling for lines is fine, just so long you stay in character and keep things moving. If you are so glued to the script that you can't even think of using your props, you're behind. Get cracking and catch up.
-be early to rehearsal, plugged in and ready to begin at downbeat. "All called" means just that: everyone in the cast. Be there, without a phone call to remind you. Each last-minute "I forgot to tell you," lateness, or no-show will be reflected in your grade. Make plans now for Tech Week: if you miss a rehearsal after March 8, you're out of the show. If you miss one between now and then, your grade will suffer.
-the opening scene revealed that most of you have not looked at this since we first blocked it. Review it, be clear about your blocking, and don't let today's train wreck happen again. I will not take rehearsal time to remind you of what is your responsibility to remember. We'll do this again this week: be ready.
-BRAVI to Micah, Callie, Valencia, and Brad! Your work in your scenes is the level at which everything needs to be. You listened, reacted, and made choices. Fantastic work. Folks, everyone needs to live up to their standard.
-remember how you walk as each character. Charles, this especially applies to you.
-Shane, watch "Funny Thing...Forum" with Zero Mostel. That combination of serious/comic may be a direction for you to consider.
-Joe, start injecting some humor back into the Governor. Yes, you're the head honcho: you also have so much power in that cell block that you can have fun with your power.
-everyone, make more sound when you attack Don Q and Sancho: the Governor needs a reason to yell at you to be quiet.
-Bennett, play with the idea of being the "toady" to Pedro (think of the bully's sidekick in "A Christmas Story"). You'd never do any of these things by yourself, but you get nasty because you're pressured into it. Also, take much longer to recover from being kicked in the crotch. We should see pain, resentment, etc. before you return to enjoying making fun of Aldonza.
-Muleteers: you're a gang. Be clear about where you fit in the pecking order.
-Great horses, Bennett and Brett!
-Brad, keep working on clearly enunciating every syllable. Never fall into casual speech: this character uses each sound as a weapon. Speak slower and more deliberately than you think you need to. Think "bookish" rather than physically intimidating: you're average (or below average) in every way...except you have a degree. From a fourth-rate community college.
-EmKay, excellent work overall. Your arrival in the scene was a breath of fresh air and energy. Be sure that you don't jut your chin in your effort to show character: it will tire you out vocally really fast. Let your anger show in your eyes instead. Keep your chest up.
-everyone is visible throughout the entire show, unless you are offstage the moment before or after an entrance transitioning into a new character. Be sure you are listening, reacting, and in character at all times. Remember you are prisoners with nothing else to do, perhaps for years. You're going to be tortured or killed when the time comes: this is the best show in town for you. You also want to believe in something bigger than a jail cell: Quixote's imagination does this for you. Put your ENERGY on whatever is the focus on stage...all the time. Work at this: it is an acquired discipline. You can't turn it on the week of the show, any more than you can run a four-minute mile your first time around the track.
-everyone, any moment that you can run lines with a friend, do it. A scene off-book is one less scene to worry about. Work from the beginning of the show and memorize one scene at a time. Do line speed-through readings, and do it this week. Keep each other honest: this is a team effort.
-it's time for me to turn up the heat, and I'm doing it this week. Be ready!

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