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Friday, February 3, 2012

BRAVO to MOLM cast

Darlings, thank you for your work today. Staging fight scenes is long, arduous work, and you truly worked today. I'm proud of each of you for stepping outside your comfort zone. Remember that your job in these scenes is to make it look believable, not to make it feel believable. Maintaining emotional distance, as we discussed today, is part of maintaining not only your sanity but also your physical safety in heated situations like this, where hitting your marks is so crucial. Remember that the craft of acting is to perfect actions. Rehearse these regularly, even if it's not called during rehearsal time. (I liked how Brett asked if he could practice his backhand hits of EmKay with her each day they see each other. Great suggestion, Brett.) The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel, and the better it will look. Remember too that you are responsible for everyone around you: be consistent, and be in control.
This is a good time for a reminder that physical strength protects you and makes stage work possible. Maintain your health by working out or at least doing some of the strength exercises Ron suggested. Squats are particularly advised: you want strong quads to protect your knees. Brad has offered to come up with a mini-workout routine for the cast. It might be a good way to transition from choir to opera rehearsal: do your squats and sit-ups in between as a warm-up.
I'm very proud of each of you for your contribution. Special thanks to Micah, who stepped in and learned choreography until Brett arrived. That was a great way to take advantage of a learning opportunity: he now has experience with stage combat, even though he won't do it onstage in this particular show. Thanks also to those of you who did a lot of sitting around and watching (Valencia, Callie, Ally, Brad): I hope you learned a great deal as well, because the principles are all ones you may use someday. Even if you felt "unneeded," being there helps build community, which in an ensemble cast is crucial. And course, the hugest of thanks to our brilliant fight choreographer, Ron Hubbard. Show him the love!

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