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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Repertoire Assignments

Here are rep assignments for the fall, as of now (more to follow). I've included more than you'll need, so if you don't like something, you have options. The library should have many of these; if you can't find what you need, see me. Try the library first though, as everyone should get used to finding their way through the stacks.
Brad: from the Italian Arias book: "Sento nel core," "Sebben crudele," or "Per la gloria;" Brahms's "Sonntag;" Ireland's "Spring Sorrow;" Handel's "O ruddier than the cherry;" Hundley's "For Your Delight"
Charles: bring something that you worked on in Salzburg, as well as "Oh woman, you may keep the gold" from AMAHL; the rest of the Barber set; Haydn's CREATION arias; "O vin dissipe la tristesse" from Thomas's Hamlet; Avant de quitter; Purcell's "Music for awhile;" Beethoven's "Adelaide"
Shane: Menotti's "This is my box" from AMAHL; Bach's "Deposuit;" Argento's "Six Elizabethan Songs;" let's finish "Una furtiva lagrima;" more selections from "Die Schoene Muellerin;" Tom Rakewell's aria from Stravinsky's THE RAKE'S PROGRESS
Ariel: "Batti batti" from Mozart's DON GIOVANNI; Clara Schumann's "Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen;" Fauré's "Rêve d'amour;" John Duke's "Lov'liest of Trees;" Caldara's "Selve amiche"
Jen: you had several requests and we discussed those. Brava! Other ideas: Bellini's "Per pieta;" Rossini songs; Handel's "Verdi prati;" Dowland songs
Hannah: "Se tu m'ami" from 24 Italian; Hahn songs; Debussy's "Beau soir;" Schubert's "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt;" Copland's "All the pretty little horses;" Wolf's "Das verlassene Maegdelein;" Berlioz's "Le Roi de Thule" from DAMNATION OF FAUST
Michala: Debussy's "Les Cloches;" any aria from Mozart's BASTIEN UND BASTIENNE (in English OR German); Schubert's "Heidenroeslein;" let's talk about requests too.
Callie: Bellini's "Malinconia;" Britten's "The Sally Gardens" and "The Ash Grove;" Hahn's "Mai;" Ireland's "I have twelve oxen;" Massenet's "Crepescule;" Schubert's "Lachen und Weinen"
Valencia: Handel's "Vittoria" from 24 Italian Songs; "O sleep, why dost thou leave me?" "Bel piacere" and/or "Va godendo;" Mozart's "Welche Wonne" from SERAGLIO; Debussy's "Romance;" Menotti's "The Black Swan" from THE MEDIUM
Jess: let's resurrect the SAMSON AND DELILAH aria; "Adieu, forets" from PIQUE DAME; finish the Emily Dickenson songs; "All that gold;" Chausson's "Chanson perpetuelle"
Jake: "Tu lo sai" or "Pieta signore" from 24 Italian Songs; Faure's "Lydia;" any of Bastien's arias from Mozart's BASTIEN UND BASTIENNE; Tosti's "Malia;" Quilter's "Now sleeps the crimson petal"
MK: we'll meet and discuss!

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