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Monday, August 14, 2017

Repertoire assignments

Hi folks,

Following are your repertoire assignments. As always, I welcome requests! Remember, I reserve veto rights, but knowing what interests you helps me choose repertoire that will suit. If you don't like anything I assign, please let me know ASAP and I'll find something else for you. I am never offended if you prefer not to sing something I assign. There is more music out there than any of us will ever have a chance to sing!

Note that underneath your repertoire assignment, I have included a book you should purchase. If you already own it, let me know and we'll find something else for you to buy. It is vital that you own good editions of the music you sing!

Your pianist will be assigned soon, and will be posted here. Instructions will follow.

Have fun! I look forward to hearing your beautiful voices in two weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.

"Quella fiamma" (Marcello) from 24/26 Italian Arias
"Che faró senza Euridice" (Gluck) from Orfeo ed Euridice
"If Music be the Food of Love" (Purcell)
"Come ready and see me" (Hundley)

Purchase: Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Eras, edited by John Glenn Paton

"Vedrai, carino" from Don Giovanni or "Una donna a quindici anni" from Cosí fan tutte (Mozart)
"I attempt from Love's sickness to fly" (Purcell)
"El paño moruno" from Siete Canciones populares Espanõlas (de Falla)
"In dem Schatten meiner Locken" (Wolf)
"Nell" (Fauré)

Purchase: Book of Fauré songs

Bob's aria from The Old Maid and the Thief (Menotti)
Che fiero costume (Legrenzi)
Si trai ceppi from Berenice (Handel)

Purchase: 24/26 Italian Songs and Arias (let's discuss which edition is best!)

Bring your audition repertoire to your first lesson.

Purchase: 26 Italian Songs and Arias, medium high voice, edited by John Glenn Paton

"Honor and Arms" from Samson (Handel)
"Offrande" (Hahn)
"Rolling in foaming billows" from The Creation (Haydn)--you may learn it in German!

We'll discuss your recital and fill in the blanks from there.

Purchase: Handel arias and/or Creation score (Let's talk about editions first)

O del mio amato ben (Donaudy)
Total eclipse from Samson (Handel)
Mai (Hahn)

Purchase: Book of Donaudy songs

"Sento nel core" (Scarlatti)
Musical theatre pieces of your choice

Purchase: 24/26 Italian Songs and Arias (if you haven't already)

Se Florindo e fedele" (Scarlatti)
Musical theatre pieces of your choice

Purchase: 24/26 Italian Songs and Arias (if you haven't already)

"Alma del core" (Caldara)
Musical theatre pieces of your choice

Purchase: 24/26 Italian Songs and Arias (if you haven't already)

"Vaghissima sembianza" (Donaudy)
"Toujours" (Fauré)
"Lay your doubts and fears" from SEMELE (Handel)
"Mein" from DIE SCHOENE MUELLERIN (Schubert)
"Dies Bildnis" from DIE ZAUBERFLOETE (Mozart)

Purchase: Donaudy songs

"Stizzoso, mio stizzoso" from LA SERVA PADRONA (Pergolesi)
"Bel piacere" from AGRIPPINA (Handel)
"Les roses d'Ispahan" (Fauré)
"O wüsst ich doch den Weg zurück" (Brahms)
"I ever am wanting" from SEMELE (Handel)

Purchase: Fauré or Brahms songs

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