Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Voice Lesson Schedule


Here is the schedule as it stands now. Please contact me immediately if somehow I've omitted you or scheduled you during a time you've indicated is not available. There has been a lot of cutting and pasting as we all work together to accommodate our pianists.

Your pianist is indicated next to your name. Please give your pianist your music ahead of time; he or she is NOT obligated to sight-read anything during your lesson. Friendly reminder: if your pianist is sent away because you have not provided the music beforehand, YOUR grade will suffer.

Thanks, and see you next week!


Jenn 11:10 (Carolyn 11:25-11:40)

Camilla 11:40 (Carolyn 11:55-12:10)

Michael 12:15 (Chris 12:30-1)

Alyse 1:45 (Carolyn 2-2:15)

Briana 3:30 (Chris 3:50-4:20)
Peyton 2:30 (Chris 2:45-3)

Madison 3:35 (Chris 3:55-4:25)

Beau 1:30 (Chris 1:50-2:20)

Addie 3:35 (Chris 3:50-4:05)

Austin 4:15 (Chris 4:30-4:45)

Mallory 9:25 (Chris 9:45-10:15)

Eric 10:20-11:10 (Chris 10:40-11:10)

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