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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Opera Schedule: last weeks

Folks, it can be easy to forget what we did when I won't see you for nearly two weeks. Be sure to review your blocking, as we will not have time to re-block anything. Keep it fresh by looking at it a few times. If you are behind, be sure to catch up musically, with your diction,  etc.

We discussed working as a team. The same people have come to help me bring down props each day, and many of you have fallen off the wagon. Maria and Austin are officially excused from helping me with props for three weeks: it's time for everyone else to step up. Work together, and remember that I only have two arms. Being present and asking to help is always appreciated.

Right after break, be sure to bring all costume pieces I've asked you to provide (shoes, socks/stockings, etc.). If you have trouble getting those things, I need to know now so that I can help.

Following is the schedule from now until the end of the semester. Be sure to check it daily, as it may change as we get closer to the performance and know what needs the most attention.

March 29
3:30-4 "Voi che sapete…venite, inginocchiatevi"
4-4:30 "Hm! Hm! Hm!"
4:30-5 BASTIEN scene
5-5:15 "Via resti servita"

March 31
ALL CALLED. Everyone will get props from Dr. Steele's office: carry whatever is in YOUR scene. Set pieces are backstage. Return everything except set pieces to Dr. Steele's office afterward.

PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT OR ASK DR. STEELE TO CARRY ANYTHING. It is your responsibility to be sure everything needed in your scene is there and set up where it needs to be.

Please video record each others' scenes so that you can reflect on it (due April 5 by 3:30). There will NOT be time to rehearse your scene: simply set for the scene, and run it. If you crash and burn and are unable to recover, you get ONE chance to start over. After that, Dr. Steele will keep going. The recording is not to send to me, but is rather for your use. Send me your scene observations via email.

Show order is as follows:


"Recitativo…Via resti servita" 
"Voi che sapete…venite, inginocchiatevi"
 "Aprite, presto aprite" (we'll skip this Thursday)
 "Signor…Crudel! Perchè finora"

"Hm! Hm! Hm!"
"Du feines Täubchen"
"Alles fühlt der Liebe"
"Bei Männern"
"Papagena, Papageno" (we'll skip this Thursday)

Friday, April 1
All called 3:30-6:30. If you have work or class conflicts, let me know NOW so I can schedule around you. Schedule TBA. 

April 5
3:30-3:45 "Papagena, Papageno"
4-4:30 "Cinque...dieci"
4:35-5 "Recitativo…Via resti servita" 
5-5:15  "Aprite, presto aprite"

April 7
3:30-4  "Signor…Crudel! Perchè finora"
4-4:15 "Bei Männern"
4:15-4:35 "Alles fühlt der Liebe"
4:40-5:15 "Du feines Täubchen"

April 12
Anything else that needs attention: TBA

April 13
1:30-3:30 dress rehearsal: you are released from choir

April 14
walk-through in class (we'll sing very little, if at all)
7:30 performance (6:30 call)

April 16
Noon off-campus performance at ScrollWorks: details coming soon
10:30 call, done around 2 (we'll need to strike costumes and props!)

April 19
No class

April 21
We'll watch the video of the performance together: all called.

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Last performance class

We will meet all together in HRH. Don't fret: everyone should still be able to sing. See you then.