Thursday, November 19, 2015

Required concert during class Friday

Hi folks,

Here is the Google map of the Advent, located at 2016 6th Avenue N. Here is the web site for the church itself, if you'd like to know more. It's about 10 minutes door to door, including parking time. There are meters on the street, and a parking deck accessible via 5th Avenue N if there is nothing available on the street. I'd advise carpooling: it's just easier that way.

The space is gorgeous. Relax and enjoy the concert, the music, and the delightful way we use music to inaugurate the holiday season.

After the concert, I hope you all have a restful and joyous break. Enjoy time with family and friends, and know that in this season of thanksgiving, I am thankful to be able to teach each and every one of you.

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