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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Reading List

Worthwhile reading, dear students!
  • Year of the King, an actor’s diary and sketchbook – Anthony Sher (A wonderfully authentic account of the experience of creating a performance.)
  • Audition Success – Don Greene, PH.D. (Gives musicians a concrete set of skills to achieve the concentrated focus needed in these critical moments.)
  • The Best of You, Winning auditions your way – Craig Wallace (Craig’s no-nonsense approach and love for actors shines through every page of this practical and concise guide to auditioning.)
  • The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday (The timeless art of turning trials into triumph.)
  • The Open Door – Peter Brook (Thoughts on acting and theatre.)
  • Reading for the Plot – Peter Brook (design and intention in narrative.)
  • Acting for Singers – David Ostwald (Creating believable singing characters.)
  • A Good Talk – Daniel Menaker (The story and skill of conversation.)
  • You Are Enough – David J. Walker (Self explanatory and a great read.)
  • Performing in the Zone – Jon Gorrie (Unleash your true performing potential.)
  • The Empty Voice – Leon Major with Michael Laing (The means to examine characters, plot and the conflicts in any scene in depth.)
  • Aria Ready, The Business of Singing – Carol Kirkpatrick (Gain the personal and business skills and tools needed to build and sustain a singing career.)
  • The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle (The book that explains how talent grows in the brain, and how you can grow more of it.)
I have several of these in my personal library. If you'd like to borrow, let me know.

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