Friday, December 6, 2013

End of semester reminders

Folks, to recap today's performance class announcements, please remember the following:

  • Complete your listening assignment by 5pm Tuesday. Review your syllabus for details. No excuses or extensions for computer problems: plan ahead.
  • Return opera scores and any other music you have borrowed from me, or you will not be able to register for classes in the future.
  • Advising began in October and is over as of December 12. You cannot register without a RAC code, which you obtain during your advising. I will not do any "holiday" meetings: lack of planning does not require me to give up my break.
  • Check the blog for spring rep assignments, to be posted within a few days.
I'm sure these are reminders that none of you actually need. Be aware that I will not send you emails reminding you to complete class requirements, even if you've done great work all semester. If you miss a deadline, you get the grade you earned. 

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