Friday, October 18, 2013

Today's schedule with Reed Woodhouse

Courtesy of SNATS, USGA, and The Department of Music:

Thursday, October 17

3:30-5:30 Mozart intro to recitative and coaching
pp. 18-25
pp. 32-35

Friday, October 18

Private coachings in Hulsey 249

8:30-9   COURTNEY Faure's "Les Berceaux"                          
9:30-10 CINDY “Sono in amore”
10:15-10:45 EMKAY Semplice aria #12
11-11:30 JAKE Semplice #25

12:20-1:10 Master class in Hulsey Recital Hall

Valencia Callens. soprano: "Ho sentito" from La Finta Semplice
Leah Eiland, soprano: Öffne dich, mein ganzes Herze from Bach’s BVW 61
Corey Griffin, tenor: "Guarda la donna in viso” from La Finta Semplice

3:30-6:30 Mozart coaching with Reed Woodhouse (Dr. Kris’s Studio)
all called (you are here to learn and observe!)

Recit. Act I, scena IV pp. 104-120 (Rosina and Cassandro)
Atto II, Scena VII pp. 245-257 (Rosina and Cassandro)
Atto II, pp. 272 (starting bar 46)-284 (Cassandro and Fracasso)
Atto III, pp. 375-381 (Rosina and Cassandro)
Atto III pp. 353-357  (Fracasso and Giacinta)

With Dr. Steele and Dr. Kris (Dr. Steele’s studio)
Atto III, pp. 336-337 (Ninetta and Simone, without Simone!)
Atto I, p. 44 (Fracasso)
Atto I, pp. 50-61 (Fracasso and Cassandro)
Atto I, pp. 78-79 (Rosina and Ninetta only)

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