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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dr. Kris Voice Studio Repertoire Assignments

These will be updated frequently: keep checking regularly. Check the library for your music first; order the music if you can second (ask me if you need help finding the correct edition); ask me to borrow it as a last resort. Time to both sharpen your research skills and increase your own personal libraries!

As always, if you don't like a piece I've assigned, let me know and we'll find something else. Come to your first lesson with something prepared.

Kelsey: Cavalli's "Delizie contente" and/or "Sento nel core" (both from Italian Arias book: there are many editions and keys available. Choose one that feels comfortable)

Amanda: Dowland's "If my complaints" or "Can she excuse" (I have good editions of these)

Shane: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Valencia: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Jake: SEMPLICE aria(s), Messiah arias

Johnathan: SEMPLICE aria(s)

EmKay: SEMPLICE aria(s)

Nole: SEMPLICE aria(s)

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