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Friday, May 4, 2012

Jury sheets available

Folks, nice job on juries today! I was proud of all of you, and in spite of a few little things that probably felt much bigger to you than they actually were, you all sang well. Instead of trying to get together to review jury sheets or wait until the fall when we've all forgotten what you did, I've posted them on my door. I've also included Honors Recital audition sheets, SERNATS comments, etc. If you have any questions about the comments, let me know and we'll talk.
Be sure you have posted your listening assignments in your Google doc by noon tomorrow. It was due the last day of class, but I have given you a few extra days to be nice. Missing out on doing your listening can knock you down a grade if you're on the edge...it's in the syllabus, so this should not be a surprise to any of you. Be sure to get it done!
Auditions for THE MERRY WIDOW will be Friday, August 17, two days after classes resume. Callbacks will be the following Tuesday if necessary, and some of you may be asked to learn a duet or trio over the weekend. If you'd like to be considered for a major role and need guidance regarding what to sing, email me. Otherwise, sing something in English...and it's fine if I've heard it before. The idea is to sing something you're comfortable singing. Les Fillmer will be our conductor.

Have a wonderful summer! 

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