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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More kudos

Darling students,
Many kind comments are coming in for your work! Read on...
From President Carol Garrison (!):
Wanted to again let you know how much I enjoyed the performance last night. It was absolutely awesome!
From Kristin Kenning, the opera director at Samford:
Congratulations on an excellent production of Man of La Mancha! Your two leading men were phenomenal, and I just can't believe how many men are in your program. Completely jealous!
So much about the show was excellent - the way you moved the large ensemble on the stage, the lighting and set design, the orchestra. Really, SO excellent! And what a lovely theatre to perform in, and such a natural sound system.
I'm so glad I was able to come out to see your show - you have quite a strong program, I'm glad opera in Alabama is thriving.
From Tony McDonald, who drives up from Pensacola to see your shows:
Thanks for another wonderful evening of musical entertainment! The seat was perfect and the show was a delight! You have a lot of really talented young singers and actors who are obviously flourishing under your care. As a tenor I couldn't help noticing how many fine tenor voices you have in your program. That's not to take anything away from the other players, all of whom were excellent as well. I'm only sorry we didn't have a chance to meet after the show and talk, bit there will be other times for that. Congratulations on another successful production, an thanks again for re-introducing me to the "Knight of the Woeful Countenance!" Your happy fan, Tony
From Karla Koskinen, director extraordinaire from the Theatre Department:
Dear Kristine, I looked for you during intermission but didn't see you. We had to leave before the second act because we were with a candidate who was interviewing for the costume position, and she has an early flight. Thank you so much for the tickets. Please send my congratulations along to your cast. The show was very enjoyable. Nice work Kristine.
From Cliff Simon, also a great Theatre colleague:
I'm so glad I got to see at least one act of your show. I needed to leave at intermission... There were lots of beautiful voices up on that stage, and watching the show both brought back a lot of memories of the first time I saw it when I was YOUNG. It's a beautiful show, and funny, and I also managed to see some of the second act on Tuesday night, when I snuck in through the back door of the Sirote, as is my wont to do. Congratulations Kris. So glad I was there, and equally sorry I had to leave at intermission.

My wife and I had the opportunity last night to enjoy your production of “Man of La Mancha”. Having had a son who performed professionally as a child, it always thrills me to see developing artists perform and bring their growing talents and enthusiasm for their craft to the stage. Thank you for the wonderful way that you are helping them develop and giving the community the opportunity to see their talents while being enriched by the experience.

Harold P. Jones, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor

School of Health Professions

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