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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

20 Tiny Changes #5: do something different

Breaking habits is hard. We all know this. So, instead of suggesting that you break a habit, I'm going to suggest that you simply try doing something slightly different every day.

It might be as silly as taking a different entrance into your usual parking lot, or holding your coffee with your non-dominant hand. Here is a cool article on the benefits of doing so. It might be pausing when you'd reflexively comment, or commenting when you'd normally stay silent. It might be a friendly wave to the guy that cut you off on the interstate rather than cussing under your breath. Try something different: it almost doesn't matter what it is.

But do something intentionally opposite from your habit each day...just to mix it up.

Of course, there is also value in doing things exactly the same every day, too.

Confused? Good.

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