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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Voice lesson schedule: FINAL

Yes, there are already revisions. Check this often until it's settled!

Briana 9-9:50 (Dr. Steele)
Addie 10:10-10:40 (Carolyn)
Alyse 10:50-11:20 (Carolyn)
Nicole 11:30-12 (Carolyn)
Maria 12:30-1:20 (Dr. Steele)
Nole 3:40-4:30 (Dr. Steele)

Kristin 2-2:30 (Dr. Steele)

Rae 9-9:50 (Dr. Steele)

Selina 10-10:30 (Dr. Steele)
Toure 10:35-11:05 (Dr. Steele)
Beau 11:10-12 (Dr. Steele)
Madison 2-2:50 (Dr. Steele)

Mallory 9:20-9:50 (Dr. Steele)
Michael 11-11:50 (Dr. Steele)

I know these times are not necessarily ideal, but given your schedules (many if which were late) and the schedules of your pianists, times were very limited. Try to make this work, and let me know IMMEDIATELY if for some reason I have scheduled you during a time you indicated is not free or if you name does not appear. There was quite a bit of juggling I had to do!

If you wish to have your pianist join you for your first lesson, please inform her/him and give him/her the music beforehand. You have their emails. Mallory and Toure, please come without a pianist.

Let's hit the ground running! Looking forward to this semester.

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